Discover three simple, last-minute recycled gift-wrapping ideas with us. We’ve all experienced that moment when the presents are ready, but the wrapping is nowhere to be found. Fear not! We’ll delve into some last-minute gift-wrapping tricks using common household items. These solutions will spare you a visit to the stores and ensure your gifts wrapped, even when time is tight.

Recycled paper
There are so many imaginative gift-wrapping ideas that breathe new life into recycled paper.
You can use old books, comics, maps, atlas, newspaper, magazines, sheet music, dress making patterns.
Simply trim the paper to fit your gift, secure it with tape, and you’ve got a fun and quirky wrap.

Glass jars
For smaller items you can use empty glass jars. If you don’t have a lid, don’t worry. You can use a piece of paper, fabric or servette to cover the opening and secure it with tape, rubber band or string. 

Fabric comes in many forms. A scrap piece of fabric from your collection or cut from a piece of clothing you no longer want, tea towel, pillowcase, scarf or bandana. Place your gift in the centre, gather the fabric around it and secure the fabric with a few stitches, rubber band, string or tie it in a decorative knot.

You may like to take your fabric to the next level and give Furoshiki a go. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts of various shapes and sizes. Learn more about this technique here.
It’s a beautiful last minute recycled gift-wrapping idea.

Infuse a personal touch into your presents by using items you already have at home. The next time you’re in need of wrapping paper, simply glance around your living space. You might just discover the perfect materials for a truly unique gift wrap and reduce clutter at the same time!

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