Many people tell us they find it difficult to stay organised.

You may have had an edit / declutter and clean up in your home and you now feel organised. That is until life happens; the washing needs to be put away, shopping is dropped on the floor, toys have piled up and paperwork is again out of control.

For some people this can be the cycle of being organised and it’s exhausting.

But once you have systems in place (a simple way to do something) staying organised is the easiest way to be organised. It stops the cycle of “boom and bust” organising.

At A Hand to Help we call staying organised, maintenance. Maintenance is doing tasks along the way to help you stay organised. Maintenance is all about keeping in place the benefits of your organising efforts.

Three things to do to help you stay organised:

Slow down!
I know this sounds a little strange. Slow down to be more organised? Yes!!
Quite often we can be so busy we don’t leave time to finish our loops.
There will be busy times in life. We encourage you to slow down enough to give yourself time to do the smaller easy to neglect maintenance tasks or put items away and complete the essential chores that need to be done. This will help you to stay organised.

Prioritising is deciding what is the most important task that needs to be done to help you stay organised. We can’t do it all!
This means some tasks will be done, while others will be left for another time. Prioritising is about making sure we are doing the tasks we need and want. Not the tasks that are demanding our time but could be left for later.
Take the time to slow down and prioritise your organising tasks.

Enlist help
At A Hand to Help we are great believers in enlisting help. You can read more about enlisting help at How to organise when you don’t feel like it.
Enlisting help enables us to stay organised. Help may be from family- children, partner, parents. Help may also come from friends or paid support like a cleaner or home help.

Staying organised is much easier than living the “boom and bust” cycle of organising. Slowing down, prioritising and enlisting help will help you stay organised.

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